Once a while it is good to remember a goal, just to remember it… simply to remember… not to plan anything… not to see if you are aligned… not to “work” towards it… but to simply remembering it.

Once a while it is good to remember your goal even if you do not know how you will get there yet, or even if all the steps are not yet aligned.

Remembering to let it in. Remembering to love it. Remembering to re-ignite the passion, the sparks.  Remembering to bask in that joy. Remembering to feel it or feel it again.

Remembering your goal to stop your mind; to stop what is going on and dive into the original version or improved one you created along the way.

It might help you see how far you have come, but do not let that wandering much more… try to stay in the remembering part of the goal itself.

There was an energy that came with it and that energy was pure love, pure joy and pure inner motivation.  

When you stated to add inputs and actions and inspired actions, different energies came in to create a symphony, so remember the single instrument that is your goal in that symphony.

Feel your energy while you do it. Be aware of your emotions and the heaviness or the lightness you feel when you remember your goal.

Is this goal still a goal to you? Has it been modified, or does it need some upgrades? Upgrades in the results not in the planning.

Once a while, remember your goal just to remember it and notice how it helps clearing the energy when you do. Once it is done, you might be surprised of find more positiveness surrounding you.

Enjoy this simple but very productive process.

Nathalie 🙂



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