Disguised fear

What is holding you back… besides yourself?

How often do we hear and read about letting go of our fears? Yet… sometimes it might not seem to be enough.

Did you know sometimes fear can be disguised into another emotion or behind a bigger emotion, if not a pile of emotions?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you feel a totally different emotion than fear so you cannot understand why you cannot move forward… and once you dissect it you end up realizing that after all… it was simply you being scared? And that fear brought up many more emotions hiding the source of what is holding you back… fear.

Letting go of fears can be a huge issue, but then again, one needs to recognize those fears to acknowledge them, right?

Have you ever watched a therapist or a speaker going back and forth rapidly with someone, questioning their answers after answers to make them go as deep as they can about a reason or an emotion?  Such exercise can help see without the ego interfering. And under many emotions, under all the answers after answers… is often a fear holding back.

Acknowledging it mean to work with it, to investigate what can comfort it so you can let go. Once you start doing this, you might feel a lightness… and the more you let go the more you will feel those wings ready to bring you to better places or to what you desired.

Letting go of fears holding you back might feel like having wings.

When you have wings, you can go higher and observe from a distance, and from a distance you can have a clearer view of the bigger picture and what needs and can be done. You can have a better view of what you can also ask your inner guidance to help you with.

When you see something about letting go of your fears, do not discard it. Ask yourself if there are any fears in plain sight or disguised that you could take the time to let go of. The more you practice this little introspection, the better you will become at acknowledging your fears before they start hiding again.

Nathalie 🙂



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