The energy sparks

Can you feel the energy surrounding you? Can you feel the energy in the air that bring a word, an emotion, a feeling? Sometimes those words or conversations going on reflect that energy. Have you ever noticed a conversation going into a direction not really understanding why it did and how it came to it? This is also feeling the energy and going with it as we all do.  Which is why you might hear about uplifting your energy so you can co-create better and find a better-balanced life.

When you are surrounded by a positive energy, you can feel the spark of creativity that might make you take more actions or better ones. You might trust yourself more. And that might help you believe in your dreams and believe they can blossom, leaving all the anxiety behind.

When you go along with your influent energy, you become in sync with your surroundings. It is as if all was fun and joy and no matter what the conversation or what is happening, you feel in sync with it, you are not having scattered thoughts because you go along with what is. It can also be less fun and sad and feel more inclined to say what is going on, opening yourself. You might not feel a joyful energy but one that is allowing you to go within almost inviting you to withdraw and go within to clarify what is going on. This is also following the influent energy around you.

When you go along with an energy, you might feel its sparks of creativity, you might receive your best inspirations either actions or messages. Words might come out easily and intuition might make you understand or see better what this energy is. Each energy is like a list of emotions. And with each one of them you have associations you can also do and that might be personal to you.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you feel going in the wrong direction, or having a misunderstood conversation… or not wanting to be part of your now… or when you seem to go against all odds? This is when you are not in sync with the influent energy. It is okay… as some of them you do not wish to be in sync with… but they also can sparks some very good inspirations.

Yes, you might “try” to uplift your energy level… but if you were to go with the influent energy before you work at uplifting it, so you could understand why it was there… you would get instant results.

Yes, you can decide to leave the space.

Yes, you can breathe in, accept what is, love it all out.

I remember one day going to see one of the best speakers of all time, and I felt the energy of the place was all about relationships, and I so did not want to be part of that conversation because for me it was not an issue and as much as I wanted my turn to ask a question, as much she could not see my hand up because I was not going with the flow. I wanted to ask something specific, and it was not about that influent energy nor topics related to it at all… and it was not what the majority wanted. It is a little like being with a lot of friends who are talking about something with passion and you alone want to change the subject which would not help any of them at this point because the conversation was not over yet.

This energy surrounding you is very important. That influent energy is often what keeps you from moving forward as you might go against timing and life lessons. And it might also be what keeps you from going into which protects you. An energy always sparks actions when you listen to it, feel it and go along with it.

Observe from now on when you are with someone and something seems not quite right to you. Feel it.  Name it.

Guess what? You can work with that energy too. No need to be any kind of professional energy therapist. This is what all lightworkers do yes, but this is what all of us can do.

Allow yourself to work with that energy and to lead you.

In Reiki, the energy can often bring a message, an insight about an unbalanced situation. In psychic readings it is the same. Cards have an energy and messages coming with them to help work things out.

Allowing your intuition to be and following it… is working with your influent energy. It is allowing it to spark its inspirations. It is allowing yourself to breath and relax into it instead of being in your own way.

Some people are more at ease than others to create a shift of energy… but everyone can do this.

Take the time to feel the energy surrounding you. Look at the subjects spoken, the subjects in your heart that you feel or the ego-oriented thoughts. Look at which emotion you feel and the words you are using to describe it or under such an energy.

Working with energy is not mystical, it is very normal. You are already doing it when you enter a room, or a conversation and you prefer not to… so you change direction. Learn to use it to a wider use. Learn how to read your energy so you can co-create even better.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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