Blossoming recipe

Blossoming takes time, sun and rain. Being patient seems to be a natural part of that Nature process we understand easily… an ingredient to a successful result.

It seems easy to accept this concept… except when it comes to ourselves.

Whether it is something we work on, something we desire to achieve or our personal inner growth, patience is not always an emotion we like to experience.

For some it is an emotion they even would prefer not seeing on their evolution list. Maybe learning to be patient is one of their major life lessons… which could explain why they encounter so many challenges requiring patience.

When it comes to developing a project, a relationship, a partnership, a plan to achieve a goal or a dream, it needs many conditions to make it successful and patience is one of the ingredients of all successful recipes.

Having to be patient does not mean that it cannot happen, although the ego likes to do that association, and it is one that can be so easily fed since while patience is required, no results can be seen… or so one might think. 

A good inner connection can allow you to understand what is being done while you wait. It is like seeing it grow from within.

Being patient and having to be patient is sometimes the part where all the ingredients are mixed and are now being done.

Being patient might also mean that some ingredients are not quite yet ready, and you might have to wait to add them in order to see what you asked for, or work on, to be the success that it can become.

Being patient for divine timing and right timing does not kill what is growing, which the ego again likes to make you think it does, because the conditions are always balanced for it to grow into the result you desire. Patience is often a huge ingredient of a successful recipe. Oh! this does not mean that nothing can be done while you wait. You can tend to it with love.

Blossoming takes time, sun, rain and patience among other things. Be patient. Connect within to ask why and hear why. And trust your intuition… there is always a loving reason to patience.

Nathalie 🙂



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