The in-between journey

Have you ever noticed how in between major events or major achievements in your life… you go through a little period where you might go more within than usual? Those periods where you might withdraw sometimes more from your social life, or where you feel going more within to seek some answers or truth, each one of those periods… is a little spiritual journey.

Many or some might think that a spiritual journey is like a retreat someone goes to or does in order to find a spiritual connection or a spiritual path.

All of your life is a spiritual journey, whether you believe or not, whether you follow a group or not, whether you do it alone or not… all of your life there is a part of yourself that is seeking a truth and a connection within.

There is beauty within yourself waiting for you to discover it and those in-between moments are there for you to discover it.

It can come in a form of mentors, books, speakers, psychics, mediums, religious leaders, peers… the beliefs you share and the conversations you have that bring you to later go within with questions or new perspective is all part of your spiritual journey. Everything that can activate an inner communication and connection within is part of this journey… it is not the path itself.

Often, one might not be open to try something new that can bring an answer or a new perspective so the in-between period, where vulnerability might be increased, there is an openness to try new things, to see new things, to read new things… that are simply waiting for you to notice them because they were always there.

The in-between period is a spiritual journey that allows you to move forward. Some call that spiritual growth and others spiritual awareness… none the less, those in-between periods in your life is your little mystical journey.

Do you know some synonyms of the word spiritual? Mystical, divine, psychic, unworldly, supernatural, magical, heavenly, godlike.

The use of a word over another often depend on where we are on our journey, or the tribe surrounding us, or the cultural background we live into…. but it is always the one we feel good using, we connect with at the time we use it because it is our personal spiritual journey and our well-being. The words we use daily for everything are also part of our well-being which is unique to ourselves.

Next time you feel in between some events, or achievements where you feel more inclined to go within, try to be aware consciously how this is part of your spiritual growth… that new spiritual awareness you go through and enjoy it…fully. You are allowed.

There is beauty within yourself waiting for you to discover it… and it is an endless discovery.

Nathalie 🙂



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