Re-boost your faith

Faith is variable. Faith is trust. Faith is having confidence in something or someone… blindly… and God is no different than anyone. Your faith in the Universe or Source or God or… you fill in which word you prefer to use… that faith is variable… as faith is an emotion, a feeling… something that can gain or lose its value.

When you lose your trust into something or someone… it might have to be regained to be valued again. Same goes with the Universe.

It might be easy to understand this concept with someone you once trusted and for some reason a lack of trust occurred. No need to search for something very negative, sometimes it can just be as silly as how one might hand you your plate at the restaurant after seeing the cook coming out of the restroom few seconds before without washing his hands… not knowing if they were washed in the kitchen you cannot see.

You might lose the confidence in the cleanliness of the food or the place or wherever your mind will bring you with this. And it might keep you from ever going back there, or you might still go but with a doubt about how it is back there, every time you are handed your order. You might feel it is okay yet always remember that one time where it was not.

And you might even have shared that experience negatively with a friend that now might rely to your experience to have an opinion about the place or the cook.

I would also like to point here that many people go to the same restaurant, so it is always a personal experience and a personal taste and perception. Some saw the cook and others never did. Some saw him like you and trusted that there was a sink in the kitchen. Some might not even bother about it. You see where this goes?

Same goes with the Universe in which you might put your blindly trust and yet, sometimes you are not sure how it is going behind the scene, so you are not that certain about your trust. You might have gone through something very difficult not seeing any type of help from the Universe so you might always refer to this one example feeding your trusting issues. Needless to say about how many people have already witnessed “bad” experiences to create an opinion from.

Faith is a variable and once a while it might need some uplifting and little boosts of fun and positiveness so you can let go of the past and move on…. creating a new base.

You can go with things that feel more simple and normal to you… like little steps, with the way you prefer that make you feel good and happy, and that make you feel connected with your inner guidance. When you feel that good energy, be grateful for the good things that showed up in your life recently and that happened recently. And little things that came out of nowhere or following a request, a prayer or meditation time.  This way you are building up that trust again feeding it with good results and positiveness.

Your ego will like to tell you that once it is lost, it is not possible to get it back.

Your heart will show you a beautiful reset button to build from.

Enjoy the process and remember it is a variable that needs some value resets once a while.

Nathalie 🙂



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