Are you a team player?

Do you feel that some things you wish to obtain are not as easy? Or that you seem to need more courage than your normal state to achieve some of the things you wish for?

Why is it that some things seem really easy to get and obtain when others seem so hard yet impossible?

The ones needing only your actions or your willingness to have them seem easy. And when your life is filled with a lot of those, life seems to go very smoothly, and you seem to be conquering your world.  

The ones where you do not play alone, or where there is a major input from someone else might seem more difficult. Not because it might be longer, because some of the things you control alone can also be a long work in progress… they still feel harder to obtain.

They are in fact the same, except for some you cannot control, you are not in full control. Does this look like the ones you do not achieve alone?

Does this sound familiar?

Everything is possible and everything is as easy as the next one… or as hard as the next one.

It comes down to your control… you… controlling the whole process, controlling the schedule, the components, the way you see fit from A to Z. There are a lot of things in your life, or at work, that you can do on your own… and there are things requiring teamwork.

When you work with a team, or even with only one other person, you must let go of the need to control so each one can do its tasks for a better harmony.  When you work on something that seem more difficult on your own, having a team to help where each one can bring its skills and knowledge, bring what seem difficult into something easy as each one will work towards the same goal and for the same result might become as easy.

It is not you… leading the team… but you… being a team player. Are you the team leader? Still be a team player so you can let each one bring its input with its skills, wisdom and knowledge.

It is a co-creation, a teamwork… where you need to allow the others to do their tasks. You need to let go of the control even if it is not going as fast as you wish, or even if you think you know how someone else should be doing its task and when to do it.  The key in a teamwork is letting go of your control of knowing-it-all.  Yes, you can ask if you can help, but if no help from your part is needed or requested other than your own tasks… you must accept to let go and do your part only. And what seemed to be a difficult thing to obtain can be obtain easily because everyone involved did its part. Yes, one might say that it is easier when you surround yourself with a great team.

This is a simple concept of teamwork… or is it?

Do you feel it is easy to apply? Do you feel it is only easy when you have a great team? What kind of team player are you?

Why is it when you want some things for your personal pleasure, harmony and well-being, the ones that you do alone seem easier to get than the ones you might need help from the Universe? Are you a team player letting go of the controlling need to do all the tasks and think it should be done your way? Do you not trust that you oversee picking your team members and that you can create the best team one can get and that you are the leader and the team player in this? When you work with the Universe, you work with the best team members. And yes, you can create your own team.

And then… when you have created your team… start co-creating, have meetings, have a plan for tasks… the same way you would with any other team. And do not try to control your co-creators… work with them… for your own harmony, well-being and peace of mind.

It takes courage to manifest what you desire and to manifest your dreams… it takes courage to admit that you might need help and a personal Universe’s team.  That team is your asset and that inner strength you can count on to let go of the control that is not serving you because that control makes you think that some things are more difficult to get than others… if not impossible.

When you surround yourself with a great team and where each one can bring its own skills and strength, all becomes possible… and easy.

Nathalie 🙂



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