Being mad at… God

Source… Universe… God (all the religious/cultural name it can be)… Up There… the Greater… it does not matter… but for my article today I will use one word… because when we are upset, it is mostly easy to be mad… at God.

Did you know when you are mad at God, you are actually mad at a part of yourself that either did not want to listen to some signs or did not know something then… that you are upset about… now?

When you are upset and mad at God, it is mostly because things are not going the way you want or wish they were… even if you feel you “prayed properly” and “asked enough” and “did what you heard”.

The thing is… there is never a deadline for God and there is never a past due time for God and whatever reason you had not to hear, understand, listen or follow… it was part of a greater lesson and your life path.

The thing is… whether you think it could have been different if you knew… is not.

You can only be in your now and do with your now… with the energy you have, with the energy surrounding you, with the emotions and the awareness you have when you have it, with the conditions of the moment. It might not ease your pain instantly but when you stop, breathe in, accept what is and love out… you might notice that you are upset over non-sense.

When you are upset and mad at someone, even God, you are in your ego thoughts and all the fears being fed with all you think you should have done, heard and understood… in the past. Therefore, being upset and mad at someone, even God… is not having a present moment perspective.

The pain you might feel, the fear you might have is real and mean that you are going through something alone… or so you think.

Some pains are useful to survive and to keep you going and to give you the inner push to desire moving on and other pains are there to help you believe and trust that you have a heaven’s team waiting for you to call upon them, whoever they are to you, to help.

The next time you will be mad at God, ask yourself why… with that answer… see what you can do now, either an action or asking help from your heaven’s team… and listen to your emotions. Are you feeding your fears with ego thoughts or are you going through a life lesson? Either way it is a blessing in disguised and yes, often, you will not know this until later when you will have a look back on the progress and path.

See, being mad at God is not much different than being mad at someone. It is being upset with something you think you “should” have done or known then… to “avoid” this… or so you think. It is looking outside of yourself for your now.

Have a beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving and today… for everything you are upset about… be grateful for all that it also contains and brings.

Nathalie 🙂



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