Wishes of love

How often have you requested some love, some loving actions, people or situations?

Did you notice what kind of love you were requesting? Was it any kind of love from some lonely moments or feelings? Was it a pure love, the one that comes from the heart and does not need to be spoken or heard?

Always wish for pure love… so you can only expect the best and what you really need.

Always wish for pure love… so you will only spend time with pure hearted people.

Always wish for pure love… so it will not feed your ego.

Wishing for pure love, unconditional love, for yourself and for others will reflect on yourself and on your personal life. It will attract the same kind of love in your environment.

Pure love is shared through words, thoughts, actions, doing and being… and it makes you feel safe and secure. It keeps the ego away.

Always wish for that kind of love and be open to receive.

When negativity comes in… go back to the feelings of your heart.

Take the time to evaluate what love means to you and how you love others and the world yourself.

Nathalie 🙂



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