Allowing yourself to desire

This is a recurring subject although each time with a different aspect.

Being at peace with yourself in order to move freely toward your desires might require a clear conscience, a clear statement of what you desire and a clear connection with your inner guidance so you can listen and act upon inspired actions… but what about accepting that what you desire can be yours and that you are allowed to desiring it. It is not selfish to desire being happy and having desires.

When you change your perspective about your present moment and how it serves your greater good allowing you to create from it what you wish from it… your present moment becomes a conscious part of its creation. From that it becomes easier and sometimes obvious to let go of what no longer serves you… your heart.

We are all here for our own evolution. I keep repeating this to my clients. Therefore, we are here to make sure that we follow our own life path with our own inspired desires in sight so we can grow, so our soul can be happy with this life we are living. This is a concept somehow accepted. Yes, we can share this path with others.

Being here for your own evolution because you can only live your own life and not anyone else’s…  make it not selfish to follow your dreams and your inspired actions.

Yes, or course one might think “but what about the others around me”? Well, an inspired action will never jeopardize the well-being of another one as we all share the same Source.  You might think that the well-being of another is the one “you” believe is and how you believe it should be going… but how could you know that some changes are not for the best of all included? Whether at work or at home, this applies. Since each one is here for its own evolution, therefore, the challenges and experiences are part of that personal development and personal awareness to develop. Each one has its life path to follow.

Remember… ego loves guilt. Remember… sharing the same Source makes the well-being of all included in the inspired actions one receive.

When you are being shown signs to help you to move forward toward a desire or a dream, when a key is being handed to you, it is your choice to take it and use it. It might open a window, a door, an idea or an energy level… sometimes you can only see it when you use it, so use it. When you are not sure how… ask for your inner guidance to help you use it… do not store them in a drawer full of unused keys that are no longer useful as each one is custom-made to the present moment.

Being at peace with the idea of being allowed to move toward your desires is a deep peace feeling… it is the one where your ego hold on very tight to a veil so you cannot see through, so you cannot see that you are allowed to that. I will repeat this again… it has nothing to do with other people’s well-being as they are also involved in this desire of yours… even if it is through the butterfly effect and not visible and tangible for you to observe it in your present moment.

Allow yourself to desire to be at peace with yourself.

Nathalie 🙂



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