The space in your heart

This refers to the space in your heart when one think of not being able to add anything in it, or anyone anymore… thinking it has limited “storage space” or thinking that it will not be possible to love something or someone… or someone else. Friendship, relationship or partnership… food, activities if you wish… you can continue the list.

There is always room in your heart… and make sure your ego knows it. The heart is an endless space.

When it comes to love… the ego likes to bring this subject as a yes or no issue.

Love has many faces and many ways to be. When you think it does not… it is your ego speaking.

A parent knows how it is easy to love all the children and not loving them the same way is normal. A child knows how both parents can be loved… differently. When guilt comes in because of the differences thinking that it should be the same unique way for all… there goes the ego again. Or when thinking that another child or a remarried parent will take away some love from the others before… there goes the ego again pretending there cannot be more added to the heart.

In this heart of yours there is space for everything and everyone.

And all that goes in is real and true. Maybe different but all real and true.

You might have to work on some associations you created from past experiences to let in newness. You might have to create new associations with your new well-being that you are allowing to enter.

The only things that cannot enter are the ones you clearly state you do not want them there. And once you clear your mind from that ego-oriented idea and feeling, it can find its place too.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you said you did not love… or will never love… to find yourself eventually loving…? That was the ego finally pushed aside letting you experience your natural love for everything and all.

Some things might take more space than others, and that is all natural and good. That endless “storage space” is open to receive everything.

When you feel that what you hold inside takes too much space in your heart making you feel that there is no more room… that is your ego showing you it does not want you to expand.

Always have space in you heart means when you do not have or feel you do not have anymore… your ego is in control.

The more you are aligned and the more you enjoy your journey, the more you will feel its endless space.

Nathalie 🙂



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