Must you always choose?

Yes, your focus point is your choice and sometimes, that focus point is what will either help you move on… or save your day… or make you happier.

Yet, there are times when everything is okay with all that is included and you do not need to focus on one thing over another.

Take this picture up here, some of you will see the rocks as their focus point to  say “oh how beautiful” and others will see the ocean behind and some might decide that only one part is beautiful and without the other it would be perfect.

Guess what? That scenery cannot be changed and everything in it is what makes the rest beautiful: the contrast, the complementarity, the many colors and the likes you hold in your heart.

So, yes as much as your focus point is your choice and you might be learning that you need to focus on something to get it… what about focusing of the whole beauty, the wholeness making it perfect because it takes the total to be this beautiful?

Must you always choose?  Really? Have you experienced a situation where you did not know what to choose? Did you really have to choose right then, or at all?

Often your ego will put you into a situation making you believe you have a choice to make in order to get something or somewhere. And often that same choice’ situation vanishes when you go within and look for answers about that choice within yourself. Sometimes you simply do another inspired action from that inner look allowing you to get it all, keep it all. Like if the not choosing was your choice that opened another option.

It is a little like choosing to keep all the options, so not choosing is choosing in itself, but not choosing what your ego might be showing you and pushing onto you maybe creating stressful situations and painful choices. Seeking help and speaking your truth about it can help. Remember speaking gives oxygen to your words and can help clarifying. You can say it out loud to yourself if you know how to listen also.

Your focus point is always your choice, your choice to trust yourself or trust someone helping you looking at all the possibilities to focus on, your choice to also focus on the bigger picture.

Your focus point is your choice… but must you always choose? In doubt, follow your inner guidance and your inner light… and once a while enjoy the bigger picture.

Nathalie 🙂



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