Clearing the fog

How often have you spoke what you wanted to say… but were left with some unsaid things that might be so deep within you that it seems like your Ego does not let it out from your heart?

Those words you wish that were understood by someone else without words, either between spoken words or from your action.

Those inner personal judgement you hold keeping you from speaking your own truth not willing to see that you are judging yourself.

How often have you let sighs or tears take over because you did not know how to say something, or you did not want to hear yourself say it… or because you said them feeling the liberating emotions in the same time?

How often are you your true self? Do you show yourself without filter? I am no talking about filter when you speak which is sometimes the Ego speaking letting you think you speak without filter, but the no filtered you, the not hiding any part of you. Here again it is not about being open about your likes and dislikes or your good and less good parts of you, but your true inner you… the one that you might even be hiding from your own self.

When you feel some unbalance in your life no matter how much you work at yourself, no matter how much you learn about yourself and create your new self, life will keep bringing you to some challenging situations to course correct that balance. Those challenges will bring out of you the deepness hidden beliefs and truth that without those challenges, is laying there not doing much but also no longer aligned with you in order to reach that divine place, that authentic self, that inner cleansing you need to be whole and complete…. with a real peace of mind.

Speaking with your heart allows that… but speaking with your heart about yourself, for yourself… to yourself and to others.  Speaking with your heart allowing humility and vulnerability as you are human and because you are learning… remaining teachable until the last breath.

Say what you say with clarity means say all that is, even the foggy stuff. Let it out. Say everything because once the words are out, full of oxygen, the fog clears itself away and all will become clearer.

Be kind to yourself when you do. What would be the point of not being kind anyway? Look at this like driving through a sudden foggy road, you might not feel as adequate or as secure for a moment, yet, going slowly and untightening your hands from the wheel trusting your driving skills  you can only go as far as you can see at the time… and you get through it… less stressed if you stop focusing on the fog itself.

Restoring balance needs clarity and it helps giving some oxygen to the fog you hold inside between your heart and your ego mind. Unblock that energy by letting your heart say what it knows.

From that… enjoy the healing process and enjoy the new peace you will feel.

Nathalie 🙂



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