Make up your mind

Once you have made up your mind about being ready to move to the next level of your adventure or your project … allow yourself to receive what is waiting for you. Once you know all is done and it is the perfect time to move on… trust that you are ready.

Yes, I said once you have made up your mind because often, you might feel ready or you might hear that you are ready… yet, you do not go for it, you still hesitate for whatever reasons you do.

In all the conditions needed to be ready and aligned for you to receive… you, the one that does not state clearly in your mind that it is a go, the one that still have some hesitation even though the signs are shining with bright light from a beautiful accomplishment… you are keeping everything to a stagnation point.

Be aware of your thoughts… the ones from old patterns that might resurface keeping you to believe in yourself and in the signs… the old habits and old beliefs. The ones that seem to be new but are improved ones from old ones with the same negative base energy allowing you to see those speeding changes coming your way for having all the conditions in place. Make sure you clear your mind and state clearly that you are ready… and trust.

Surf the wave to follow your dreams. Accept the signs and the direction even if you do not fully understand why you should go that way or another way bringing you to that dream of yours because you are opening yourself to the world and to newness.

Trust yourself and be grateful for what is the way it is…not the way you judge it should be from old patterns, old habits and old beliefs. Sudden changes can bring its load of fear.

When a job is well done you can expect changes as the energy is shifting with the completion of a such accomplishment.

Make up your mind, surf the wave… go for it. Trust and enjoy!

Nathalie 🙂



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