The beauty-full you

As you walk that spiritual awareness path and as you feel you are growing into it.. do you feel different?

Do you feel you are completely true to yourself showing your new knowledge or do you feel divided?

Do you think you cannot be what you were before, or do you understand that this new knowledge is a plus to what you were?

Many are somehow afraid to be different. No matter how good all this awareness and this inner love is making you feel, it might be a tiny if not a lot scary to open yourself to others, to show that you are different than you were in your thoughts and ways of seeing life now. Those changes are inside of you so people might not have acknowledged them yet, might not have fully seen that you are different and think differently, and might even speak differently… or maybe they do.

Some people going through inner changes and spiritual awareness, whatever your religious beliefs are, might take longer to adjust than others to their new improve self because they might be less radical than others therefore, they live like if they were hiding a part of them. It is okay as each one goes through life changes at their own pace. But do not hold yourself back.

For many it brings changes in their surrounding and friendships. For some it enhances them and for others it breaks them. It is all part of that awareness journey.

Do not be afraid to be different. It would be renouncing yourself.

Do not be shy to be your true self, your authentic self you are reaching more and more, or you have reached already.

Being wild is being beauty-full. It is showing your loving you and your beautiful you and your fullness.

Ask your inner guidance when you need strength and remember to let the Universe also clear the way around you for you to be yourself and true to yourself.

Nathalie 🙂



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