Your dream is yours

How often have you let someone alter your original dream because it was not going the way you wanted so when you shared it, their input created you to change it? Did you let your impatience lead that change?

How often have you changed your dream because the deadline you had in mind was way past due according to your schedule, so you might have thought it was not the right dream and you allowed someone else’s input to alter your own dream? Did you let your impatience lead that change there too?

How often do you think your dream is so clear that it cannot be clarify some more… because you dreamed of the result but you also dreamed of the how with details, when often those details are not flexible enough to make it happen?

Many times, advice and input seem very normal and well intentioned, yet… they were according to the other person’s perspective. Make sure they were well aligned themselves when they gave you advice.

Yes, often those advice and input are the words of wisdom you need to hear through someone else’s mouth… like when someone is a tool for another. Like an earth angel on your path.

Once you receive those advice, make sure you connect with your inner self to confirm they are advice for you and advice directing or redirecting your own dream maybe because you felt stuck and you received a little nudge into the right direction to continue.

Once you heard them, you will feel if it seems right or not… and if you are not sure, look within for confirmation as you are the only one going through what you have in your own mind and you are the only one that can see if that advice light up something so you can see a little clearer in moving forward or not.

When it does it’s a go… it is a light switch on your life path and yes that advice was a blessing… maybe an answer to a request that you could not hear the answer given to you.

And if you do not feel that loving light and that clear path… follow your own intuition and your inspiration.

Even when you share a dream with someone, you have your own intuition and inspiration for your part in it.

Do not let anyone change your dream unless you upgrade it and it is what you desire.

Nathalie 🙂



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