You are now

Who you are now might have been created with all that you he been in your past and from your past… but it is not your you now, in this moment. You are the sum of all your learning and not-learning when you went through all your life experiences and challenges; when you went through all your dreams and achievements.

What you experienced in the past is all part of you but is it not who you are as you are in the present moment of you.  The you-cannot-define-yourself-by-your-past, or the your-past-does-not-define-you is that.  You can only be you in the present moment.

Yes, some people might not seem to be much different year after year, or decade after decade while others are totally different day after day as they might be more aware that they co-create themselves.

As you are in your now the way you are… created from your past… you are presently creating your future you.

Everything you do in your present moment will be part of your next you, so all is important… or not… depending if you want to be aware of it.

Once aware, your present moment is the only thing that matters and that has an impact on your tomorrow and on who you will be. What you were is already part of you now so there is always a chance to course correct whatever you wish to improve and learn.

What created you now is long time gone.

Some are aware younger than others that they are truly creating themselves as they go along their life path… and it does not matter if you were aware of it or not… only now matters.

Your past is what created you… it is not your now.

The more you will understand this… the more you will be able to live in the present moment. Oh! You will not forget your past, but you will not let it define you as much or at all. You might even start to see how awesome it all was like when connecting the pieces of a giant puzzle. How some colors are part of many pieces and sometimes it fades away as you connect more pieces together… to no longer find any trace of it further down.

Same goes with your life, some things faded away as you were growing and walking your life path, so they might be all part of the big picture but they are not part of your now, of the piece you are living and holding now. Can this make letting go easier?

Make sure you work on the piece you are holding in your hands now. It is you now.

Nathalie 🙂



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