Leading from behind

When your work involves helping others, you become a leader.

When you lead others, you are somehow showing them ways or the way depending of the situation.

Make sure you lead them from behind as they already have their own inner guidance and all you have to do is leading them to it and also helping them to gain confidence into themselves and their connection.

Leading from behind can only help people finding their own way.

You can help them shining light on their life path, showing them where they can find few switches here and there and between them, let them follow with their own inner light on their own life path.

It could be easy to fall into the false belief that as you are leading them, they should follow your path as you know what it is and what it looks like, but that is your path and they have theirs.

You can show them your path so they have some ideas and connection and it might bring them some clarity and awareness so they can make the go-with-the flow easier.

Be the leader behind the ones you help in sharing tools with them and giving them few awareness insights and advice, then let them follow their inner guidance and follow their intuition. The “wrong” turn they seem to take might be only wrong for you as each one has their own life lessons and past to move on from.

Lead from behind… let them find their way back to their authentic self.

Nathalie 🙂



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