Decision and blessings

No matter how much experience you have and how old you are… new beginnings are part of life cycle.

New beginning brings new decision to be made and taking a decision is making a choice sometimes with a clear view and other times in what seems to be a very foggy road. The best choice always opens to more blessings. The ones from the heart. Yet, it is not always easy to see what will be ahead from one choice or from another…. otherwise we would never have to make a choice but just follow the road like if the other choices were non-existent.

In fact, you do not really need a preview of what is next as whatever decision you will take… it is also part of your life path and personal growth… making what seems to be a choice… a wrong choice.

This being said… following your inner guidance may seem for some an easy and paved road… when many times you are creating the road as you go and it might be scary to move on to what can be compared to as an unfinished path because it might make you question if the dream, desire or goal will be finished further down that path.

Have you ever taken a decision leading you to such unfinished look-a-like situation, yet all turned out very well? And have you ever experienced taking such a decision to discover that it was the best one ever taken when nothing seemed to lead to that?

That was you following your inner guidance. That was you leading the way and opening yourself to receive help from the Universe to create your way.

Leading the way is your task and the Universe’s team you might work with or connect with are there to help you, bringing all the blessings along the way you have chosen.

In all your new beginnings, be the leader of your choices in following your heart and look for the blessings.

Nathalie 🙂



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