Being who you became

You may have worked hard to be who you are today. You might have faced many great challenges and still might be going through some.

Do you allow yourself to live up to who you are?  Do you allow yourself to be the one you became?

Along the changes you have made… do you truly live with the beliefs and habits that belong to the you that you are today? Are you true to yourself when you are not alone?

Without even noticing it you might do things and think things out of habits. They do not seem bad or wrong ones, but they somehow do not fit perfectly as they did with you. That is because you need to update them the same say you did with yourself.

Are you in sync with who you became?

Today take the time to answer to who did you become? Take the time to allow yourself some updates in areas where you feel you are not in sync or something seems off no matter how much you put into it. It might need an update, an adjustment to match who you became.

It could be easy to think that it might be a divine timing issue… or a wrong request… or a wrong vibrational energy surrounding you… when in fact… all that… might be perfectly perfect, yet you are not allowing it to happen because you are still doing things your old way.

It is like once you know something, you cannot unknown it… so all of you have to follow this you that you became.

Allow yourself to be who you became… entirely.

Nathalie 🙂



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