A Guinness and a sunset

Often, people might think that to be spiritual you do not take any pleasure in life’ simplicity and you might not even take part in any social events.

Life is about balance. Life is being happy and find your happy places. Sometimes it includes a coffee and sometimes a drink.

Developing your spiritual awareness does not mean you cannot enjoy life. You actually enjoy it better… with a conscious mind.  Personal growth and following your inner guidance do not mean you cannot continue to enjoy what you might have been enjoying before.

It means that whatever you do, you are aware of the present moment and you can see the magic in everything.  You can also be who you are, the authentic you in all situation and with everyone. It means you are thankful for what is, and you know the beautiful importance of each and every single detail of your journey as well as the people on your life path… as your awareness progress.

Sharing your present moment with friends and loved ones; being thankful for each moment and all that it contains; or enjoying your own company is as precious. Sharing how amazing is a sunset while drinking a beer is also being aware of your present moment.

Do not let your Ego misguide you in thinking that spiritual awareness or following your inner guidance does not match with life’s pleasure… that would be your Ego leading you again.

Nathalie 🙂



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