Let it go… small

Often, something becomes so big in your head that it takes the whole space… and because it does, it seems even bigger than it might actually is… and you are right about it… it is huge.

But once you let it out, that huge whatever it was becomes a small thing in this whole grandiose Universe.

Once it is out of its confined place, its value changes. Its space value changes.

This is why, often, a problematic situation or worry is small, but you cannot see it is unless you let it out.

You could let it out by saying it out loud, or by writing it down. You can say it to someone or to the Universe. I am not one to share much my worries and problematic situations to others, but I share them all with the Universe. Not as a whining sharing but as a okay-out-you-take-too-much-place and I need that space for something better. It helps change its value and you can also observe it with an observer standpoint… without emotions.

Speak up, learn to speak up for real, even if it is in a very soft voice while walking in Nature or on a street.

Give it space, not to see it grow in feeding it more adding negativity to it, but to let it out of your head and go with the wind.

Let the wind clear and clean its environment. Let the rain wash it out. Let the sun burn it small.

Let it go… small… in the huge Universe.

Nathalie 🙂



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