Easy faith

You might have seen in a past article that faith is not a religious concept… it is trusting and having confidence in something or someone blindly.

When the energy is positive, and all is going with the flow… it is easy or easier to have faith. Faith is what may be and faith in yourself.

Along your life journey, when you encounter some challenges, it might be a little harder to keep that faith alive… and still have faith in yourself to keep going with your heart’s guidance.

The following your heart concept is often misunderstood. Some might think that in following your heart you never take action and you do not move forward and maybe also just go with the flow not having goals and dreams you wish to achieve… when actually you take many… inspired actions… from inner guidance connection and constant awareness… that sometimes you would not take because they make no sense or not much sense.

The Ego likes to help you analyze… so those actions seems making less sense. Know the Ego based actions are created on facts and memories and the heart ones can be created from unknown facts to you, at the moment, and new memories to be created so here is the not making much sense reasons about why following your heart ideas you might get.

All your life you are creating yourself and adding new knowledge so faith in following your heart and going for your inspired actions is that… you… having faith in your inner guidance and in yourself.

When you do not let outside conditions guiding your way and your actions… that is faith.

Yes, it is easier to follow such inner guidance when there is nothing to lose and when there is nothing to be afraid of. It is a completely different challenge when you want to follow your inner guidance and there is no net to catch your fall… or so you think.

Do not let outside conditions from having faith in yourself. Do not let your Ego keep you from trusting yourself and your inner guidance.

Nathalie 🙂



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