Co-creating yourself

Do you go through a little cleaning of your emotions once a while?

The more you will be aware of their power into your daily actions and life, the more you will notice them and maybe name them properly… and learn about how they affect your choices.  In seeing this, you will be able to do some cleaning of emotions as you go along and feel them.

Either to understand what is really going on or a deeper level so you can see your truth or to get rid of them as you know what they are teaching you about and see why some desires are met or not met.

In cleaning your emotions, you might find yourself stronger and even bold at time as you will gain more confidence and be more positive about yourself.

You know… it is okay to ask for guidance even more if you feel strong and think you do not need any help anymore. It is also okay to ask for spiritual guidance and help to see even more about some emotions that might be new to you as they might differ from the ones you are used to. Either ask your inner guidance or someone that can help you connect with your own inner guidance.

Your better emotions will help you align with your highest self. That new relationship or that solidify relationship with your inner guidance can feel like a spring cleaning with yourself and your environment. You might feel an uplift of your energy.

Your inner guidance will also help you feel safe to be yourself.

Your inner guidance will bring this sense of security to clean and clarify your emotions.

This is co-creating yourself.

Nathalie 🙂



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