Copycat Love

It’s all about Love!

The Love that comes from the heart.

The Love that does not have the Ego transforming its original meaning, the one you feel without clouds or fog.

The Love that has a pure intention for the others… and for yourself.

The Love that is made out of sweetness and simple Love. The one that Love the other’s soul.

Everything else… is a copycat. A copycat might be similar to the finest tiny details… but its essence is not since it has its own underneath.

And that essence is the intentions deep under. Sometimes known and other times not.

The intention of wanting something… wanting to repair something in you on in the other; wanting to help yourself or the other; wanting to ease your worries or the ones of the other; wanting to see hope or give hope; wanting to calm your doubts or the ones of the others… the list can go on.

When the essence under this Love is something else… it is a transformed Love as it now has a different purpose than its original purpose. That simple loving purpose is unconditional Love. Even Ego gave a meaning to the unconditional Love which for many is loving no matter what or despite of.  Read this paragraph again… slowly.

Love does not have a purpose other than loving. Love is not an impersonating sugar-coating emotion. A copycat Love.

The only purpose to Love… is Love.

Nathalie 🙂



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