Yes, it can also be easy

How often have you heard that the road to success is not a straight path? Success or goal or dream.

Have you ever seen that drawing about success where on one side you have a straight arrow and on the other side you have a squiggled line representing apparently reality?

Well… seriously… both are true.

Sometimes there are detours and sometimes it is a straight and easy pathway.

Some goals can have one or the other and some goals might have a little bit of both to get to them.

Some people never see a straight life path and other only see that.

When it is a nice and straight line, make sure you are grateful for it and for all that is happening. Not out of fear that it will not last, like making a deal with the Universe type of fear-based gratitude, but because often when the road is clear and the path is straight without obstacles, it might be easier to get caught up with the speed and the effortlessness of it, that you might think you are in control and forget that you are always co-creating… so yes be grateful.

When you are aligned with your inner guidance and all is easy going, it might not require all your attention and focus because there are no pitfalls but while you feel you can speed up… still look at the scenery and enjoy it… and be grateful for all that is.

Sometimes… or many times… it is an easy and straight pathway. It all depends on your personal journey, on your personal awareness and on your beliefs system. You can work at not making it a fix mentality or belief.

Be open to make it the way you like. It is your path… your pathway.

Nathalie 🙂



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