Shaking ground

Life storms come to shake your ground. They are the obstacles you encounter.

Often, they come unwanted and other times you somehow invited them into your life. Yes… you do involuntarily face some obstacles for many reasons like not wanting to listen to signs, not wanting something different no matter what the redirection may be as well as unknown reasons.

Often in a storm you must let go of things, situations and people. At first it may seem like a loss but it also allows space to new growth and new beginning.

No matter the strength of the obstacles and how much it hurts you and no matter how painful it might be or have been… regeneration is always the next step.

New colors will start showing… that is your new knowledge and your new wisdom slowly taking the place and slowly growing to become strong again. It might feel fragile, but it is not as its root is strong and tall.

Stand tall and show your color again.

Be proud of everything you overcome and stand tall.

Nathalie 🙂



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