Space to grow

Do not let circumstances keeping you from growing and becoming your better self.

Do not let a narrow-minded environment keeping you from your inner growing.

Some might deal well with adversity, or better if not well, but when you do not… listen to your inner guidance so you can find more space to grow and be yourself. Yes, some might have to persevere through adversity… and it might be one of their life-lessons, so until they master it, they might not need to move away as much as others.

Yes, there are always life lessons to be learned and (or) mastered but there is also your well-being.

And yes, there is also your Ego mind, that might make you believe you cannot grow within a certain space.

You can grow in harsh places and situations. You can become stronger or you can learn to be flexible among so many other things. Just make sure you have space to learn and grow within that space and situation.

It is okay to be protected and feel protected, yet… once you feel you can grow more and need more space to grow, it is your own well-being and your own personal growth involved that should be your focus, so you might have to move on… or accept changes… or desire changes… for your better growth and your highest good.

Sometimes, you can find yourself in what seems to be a narrow-minded environment, when actually it is not. It is your perception of it and your environment is simply the reflection of your own mind, as you may have a lot to learn form there, therefore lots of space to keep growing and be a better self.

The more you listen to your inner guidance and the more better relationship you have with your inner self, the better you will know when you can still go on or when it is time to move on to grow either more or differently.

Just like the seed needs some sun to grow… you might need to find your own little sun space so you can grow too.

Nathalie 🙂



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