A short moment of anything beautiful creates a desire to experience it again.

A short memory of what was amazing is an attraction to some more.

How often do you find yourself thinking of something nice or wonderful you experienced or saw, one of those memories that seem to be too short?

Often, the following thought might be something like: “Oh well, to late!” , or “Oh well, it was nice but to short.” , or ‘Oh I wish I could go back.”

Well… those “Oh well” thoughts and sigh are your desires being created.

The desires you might be shutting off and repressing… instead of letting them grow and be the seed for something new.

Not all memories have seeds but for the ones that do… be aware of them.

To give you an example so you can see what I mean by this, I can tell you about this photo that was taken in Vernaza Cinque Terre, Italy. It was during a short break where I only had time to see one of the Cinque villages and it was off season, so I have not seen as much as it was possible.  What I was was beautiful enough to be an amazing memory. I could think that it was a great memory and I have been there… but I can also feed it, water it to create a new desire to go back, to plan my visit and see more of it.

Now if I have enough with it. It is a beautiful memory, but since I would have loved to see more with more time… then there is that desire in me so when that memory comes back up for whatever reason it does… it is mine to water it and tend to it and have keep in mind to go back eventually. Start planning it or put it on my bucket list… the one I chose from once a while.

How often do you find yourself in similar situations with a souvenir, not necessarily related to travelling?

It could be a moment with a loved one.

It could be a place you have been.

It could someone you visited.

It could be a different style to adopt one morning while getting ready.

It could be some genre of books you read once.

It is up to you to create something similar or totally different from a souvenir… with new additions you will be inspired to add… from that last time or from something you have seen or learned since.

Instead of living in the past you create from it. You create your future.

A short moment of anything beautiful creates a desire to experience it again… even better… with more awareness.

Nathalie 🙂



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