What are you building?

Do not let what is in front of you keeping you from the beauty afar… although you might have built the wall of obstacles yourself.

Have you ever been so caught up into something that it appeared impossible for you to get a better view like if a wall of huge rocks was right there?

Have you ever been preoccupied with something to the point that you could not see yourself without that situation?

Have you ever felt like you could not go any further?

Were you letting obstacles building up like a pile of rocks with all your negativity and worries to the point that the view became a natural part of your scenery?

Sometimes, depending on your strength or awareness or both… you can overcome them, you can climb and see and move on. Sometimes you can do that with help.

How about not building it anymore? How about stopping creating huge rocks for a start… to maybe eventually not creating any rocks at all? How about maybe using the small ones you might continue to create and use them to build a stairway to walk over or a pathway around?

With your worries and your negativity… you can create obstacles that are like those rocks. Some might be huge, and some might be small. The more you are aware of it, the more your awareness is in tune… the smaller they will be.

Rocks can make beautiful path and scenery… and many awesome places are created with rocks. Just make sure they do not keep you from moving forward and they are not blocking your view. Some might even help you develop wonderful climbing skills.

You can even maybe develop the skill to see the beauty in the rocks.

Do not let what is in front of you keeping you from the beauty afar…. and do not hesitate to ask for help and guidance.

Nathalie 🙂



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