Your inner knowing

Do you know how to follow your intuition?

Do you know how to listen to it?

Following your intuition is listening to your inner knowing.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes something can catch your attention but you do not really know what to do with it… because when it does… your Ego might come up with a deduction of its own… if you are aware of it… that might not make much sense or might not be a complete answer.  Not that it is wrong since each message is important. Try to catch the first thing that came up to mind… that might be more your intuition than your Ego.

Following your intuition means you listen to it and you follow the lead.

It is like a step by step Miracle in creation where each tiny thing added to the next can bring you closer to your dream… or bring you clarity. The clarity you always need to go forward.

Your inner knowing is when you know to keep going without maybe knowing what you are looking for. This is trusting your intuition and following it.

On the image of this article is a lead I followed this morning. I thought it was a very good example of how the first thing could have been it… but I kept going because my inner guidance kept me going and I listened… and I followed it until I felt it was it.

To make it short if I can… I suddenly felt it was time to tidy up a little and in doing so I decided to find a new place for the cute little spotted eagle ray that was given to me by a friend. I always thought it was at a perfect place, but I took it in my hand and as I was looking around for a new place… I thought how strange it was that I wanted to give it new place. Then I realized “it” was maybe a message of something I requested earlier as I love animal spiritual meanings. And yes! I do get my answers in a very short delay.

That led me to my new animal spirit card deck to look if there was a ray card to find out there was none. Normally I go online to get those meanings but not this time. So, I felt inspired to go through each card of the deck looking at a similar spirit definition. I thought the Electric Eel was similar (sting, electrocute), but the Moth Spirit card also called me when I saw it because it looks like my cute orange eagle ray.

By the way, right after I took that photo, the little eagle ray went back to its place. It was only attracting my attention to get the message with more clarity reminding me also to take a leap of faith about something else I did later on … because when I found the two cards, the grasshopper in the tree next to me started making so much noise, I am sure it was heard all the way to the next town. 🙂 Guess what? I even contacted that friend later after I received an inspired action on a project. An inspiration I never thought I would even be willing to pursue. It was one electric creative energy after the other!

You get the idea?

When you follow your intuition… this is what it can look like if you follow the lead.

When I thought at first it was about the eagle ray meaning, it was actually more than that and not even that. It was pointing me to something.

Often, you might think the first thing was it, it was the answer or an answer but there is often more to it.

Listening to your intuition and following where it leads can create the complete answer… maybe the clarity you might have been looking for. Your inner knowing knows… trust it.

Nathalie 🙂



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