Sea of possibilities

Before you read more… I invite you to look at the picture and look at what you see and what attracted more your attention.

Was it the rock on the left? Was it the trail on the right? Was it the bridge at the bottom?  Was it the water in the middle? What is the water opening to the ocean? Was it the dryness of the grass on the left or the richness of the green on the right? Was it the whole picture with nothing catching your eye? Was it something else?

Now if I was to ask you to look again and explore in yourself which way you would prefer to use to get to the ocean… you might have the same view and you might have a totally different one… if you are not just sitting back telling yourself that it would be too far, or it would take something you do not have, or…or… or. None of them are good ones and bad ones or better ones… it always depends on your own point of view and where you are at the moment.

This is exactly how life is… full of opportunities that many times you might not see because you might tend to focus only on one of them… if you do.

Guess what? This is similar to the way you might approach life and your goals… and your dreams.

Often, a goal might not be visible until you get closer and from that new place you might see a way to achieve it but to get there, you might be inspired to take a little detour… or what may seems like a detour when in fact it is simply a way to get you to the next opportunity.

When you will be facing thoughts about “impossibility”, try to remember this picture. You might be focusing on only one thing and looking at the whole picture might help you. Also… taking a step forward, moving forward will change your view point. Possibilities open as you move forward.

Every experience leads you to an open sea of possibilities.

Nathalie 🙂



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