Blending in… or not

Sometimes, situations might require that you blend in.

It could be in a school environment, a work environment or a family event. A perfect image that comes to mind showing you this would be a school where everyone wears the same uniform.  It could also be a sport’s environment… whatever comes to your mind about a need of blending in where you feel you cannot be yourself.

Often, it is to avoid negative differences and to help everyone feeling that they fit in. There are other reasons but let’s go with this one.

No matter where you are and what the situation you need to adapt to, you can always remain you with all that you are. Certain conditions may be required regarding actions and language… but you can always remain who you are.

A strict environment might create some confusion in your thoughts but it can also be an awesome tool… if you can be aware of it… it can help your awareness about who you are, be aware of your likes and dislikes… all those beautiful life lessons along the way.

As you may have read before… your color lies within yourself…. and are just waiting for you to discover them… within yourself.

It is always up to you to follow your inner guidance and your true North and align with your highest self… no matter the environment you have to adapt to and no matter how much you have to blend in.

Even when you blend in, you can remain the colorful you.

Nathalie 🙂



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