Do you live in a city where Zenitude and quietness seems to be impossible to obtain? I am not talking about enjoying your busy lifestyle but when your whole self seems to be off balance and needs some alone time.

Do you have a lifestyle where you care for others and never seem to have time to care for yourself… to connect with your inner self and your inner guidance?

Do you think that people living in the country or in vacations are lucky because it “must” be easy for them to have the “chance” to put themselves first… or maybe more often?

Hm! Honestly it has nothing to do with the environment.

Often, putting yourself first comes with a judgment on how selfishness is not good and not okay.

Putting yourself first is not being self-centered… although there is a thin line between both.

Putting yourself first does not mean you do what you want when you want and according to your own desire above all… it means making sure your well-being and your alignment is your first priority… before something and somebody else’s… before it becomes a survival instinct… just like on a plane they teach you to put your own mask first before helping others. How much help can you be if you are not well to help?

Well… it is the same thing.

And… in your own well-being… comes Loving others… therefore allowing them to be happy as well. It is like a loving cycle. The more you care for yourself the better you can care for others, and the more your well-being counts, the more you will understand how it is also important for others.

In the country, there is an immediate proximity to Zenitude… that is if you are aware of it and centered of course.

In the city or in a busy life, whether in the city or in the country… that immediate proximity can become a dream or a false reason for not being Zen wherever you are… and not thinking that it all comes from within.

You can give yourself some “time-outs” … parents can relate to this. But you do not need to be a parent.

Maybe it will require some changes in your schedule, and you might be feeling like you are scarifying precious minutes. There lies a false conception.

Maybe it will require you to get up earlier to have 30 minutes to yourself before everybody else wakes up.

Maybe it will require you to get up earlier to have 30 minutes to “waste” before rushing to get ready for work.

Maybe it will require that you go for a walk or just sit outside before going to bed when everybody is asleep to find yourself alone… outside of the house.

Maybe it will require that you go for a 30 minutes’ drive with no destination, with the music you like to be alone.

Maybe it will require that you go grocery shopping at midnight between two breastfeeding while the baby is cared for.

Guess what? I have done them all because my well-being is my sanity and my balance. Now I do not need to “escape” for my well-being but I have done it.

So, living in a city with a busy life or in the country with a busy life is not a reason not to put yourself first… lovingly… not despite of.

Giving yourself some time-outs… is a nice way to do it. And if you are a parent… you can even tell your kids that you have a time out… to re-centered yourself.

Be creative and come up with your own list… and start giving yourself some time-outs.

Nathalie 🙂



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