Groundhog Day

Have you ever experienced a situation where no matter how much you work on yourself to keep your head above water… it seems to be a Groundhog Day movie scene… over and over, and over again… working to keep your head above water?

The Universe has funny ways to make us work on one thing… “holding our space” and believing that we are where we are supposed to be… and learn.

It is an easy step to take towards anxiety.

Stepping back to look at your plan can allow you to have a view of all that is already done or in motion and from that observation stand, remember to ask your inner guidance to help you hold your space and to help you make the right next move.

Stillness is a powerful action… as it is the trusting one… trusting your inner light, trusting your inner guidance and listening to the wise actions.

You can keep yourself busy with things that makes you happy which will help you raise your energy level, raise your vibration.

From a better and positive energy level, it will be easier to believe to your own guidance and easier to hold your place. In fact, it might not even feel like working to keep your head above water. It may feel like swimming or floating with the current.

Remember in such life cycles, every day you become aware of something you were not yesterday, and that growth is to help you hold your space with more strength and more trust or faith.

Nathalie 🙂



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