Stop playing the synchronicity fairy

Be a team player!

When you decide to take control of something specific in your life, you take control of other’s life as well, as all is interrelated.

You may know what you desire but you do not know what the other souls desire so stop playing the synchronicity fairy. It is not yours to be.

Have you ever felt that you were ready to own your life and ready to conquer the world? When you feel that powerful and wonderful energy, it brings an amazing feeling and an amazing boost…  just remember that you are part of a team.

Stop “controlling” your own life… you are a team player… in the Universe’s team.

There is “you” acting on inspirations, on inspired actions and there is the rest of the team making sure those inspired actions are in sync with all the components, with the desire, with others, with what needs to be synchronized with them.

Between inspired actions and inspirations, just be… and do what you like with the same attention, as the inspired actions are not only for big projects but in all your daily activities.

Remember that “controlling” your life is controlling others. You can somehow control yourself… but your life is a little different.

You are a team player, and your part is to be available and up to it when it is your turn.

It does not mean you cannot decide what you like and want to do or be… it is your canvas on which you draw your story… it means do not try to control it by yourself taking over thinking that you can plan synchronicities.

When the doors are wide open to create the new you and your desires… from who you are today… keep in mind to leave the synchronicity fairy role to the Universe… and enjoy all of it unfolding in front of you from the doorstep from where you will simply have to move from.

Nathalie 🙂



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