Openness without conditions

In the unknown, when the Universe is working on a plan that you seem to know nothing or not much about… you may need to keep an openness to see and receive…an openness and trust in the unknown.

During that unknown and uncertainty period, being open without conditions is not an easy task. Some might think they are open to all possibilities… yet they worry… a lot or a little. This is trusting the unknown… conditionally.

You might find yourself also thinking you are open to all possibilities… yet you have to work daily at trusting what will come and trusting what will happen and looking for signs. This is a little indication that you still put some conditions to the being open since it is not going as you would like to therefore, you need to work on yourself to let go of negative energy.

So, you go on keeping an openness… and now it makes you work on expecting the unexpected… which is without conditions. Each time you experienced being in an unknown situation… look how you learned from it. Look back if you can to see when it happened, what came out of the unknown period you were in and see how much it helped you grow wiser and stronger.

Maybe you will realize that you do not worry as much as you use to. Maybe you will realize that you can go on with your other tasks and you can find yourself enjoying them. Maybe you will realize that the unknown does not scare you anymore…. or maybe you are not there yet and you are learning to trust the unknown and welcome the unexpected.

The beauty of being in the unknown is that you find yourself in front of a new canvas on which you can create, co-create all you desire, so use your imagination positively instead of using it to worry and to keep your focus away from negativity.

Staying positive and in your happy place while in the unknown will also help you hear your inspirations and your inspired actions from your inner guidance. Those actions will eventually, one after the other bring you clarity, slowly filing up the unknown.

Each unknown situation you find yourself into can help you break the cycle of conditions you might have. Expect the unexpected and not what your Ego is telling you.

Be open without conditions and write the story you would like to see on that new canvas.

Nathalie 🙂



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