Seed and action

You read, you hear, you learn… you know… and…do you take action or… not?

Guess what? It is okay to… not take any action… on everything as you might actually already have taken it reading or learning. You were planting the seed and planting is an action.

Your Ego might like to trick you in thinking that an action must be hard work or always creating a tangible result. Such belief might bring you to act from Ego thoughts and not from inner guidance thoughts and inspired actions.

You might feel guilty for not doing something that you know you “should” be doing… but maybe there is something more you need to know before doing it. Maybe it is not the right time. Maybe you also need to learn the difference between an ego minded thought vs an inner guidance one. There could be so many reasons.

Ask yourself when you “feel” you “should” take an action, why you are not doing it? You might find yourself happily surprised to discover that you are simply following your inner guidance that has more to say and to show to you.

Ask yourself also if there are actions that you have already taken that are not as big as others, to discover that you might have taken many but did not notice it before now.

Sometimes you simply need to understand your body, your mind and your spirit to see all that you do.

When the seeds are planted in a balanced “you”, connecting to your inner guidance will help it grow.

When your thoughts bring painful emotions, you may find yourself choosing the wrong actions creating detours or becoming seeds not growing.

You might have blockages that prevent the seed from growing.

This being said… if you are open to this…

Besides inner work, I find Reiki being an awesome tool to help relaxation and reconnection. Reiki can put you in the same state of mind as meditation could do for the ones not able to meditate. If you do not know about Reiki and its benefits… Google it and find yourself a Reiki Master or practitioner in your area and give it a try. It can help clear the environment in which the seeds can fully grow and bloom.

Do not forget that planting a seed is a great action. Be happy when you do.

Nathalie 🙂



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