Divine timing

Have you ever wondered where your free will, law of attraction and divine timing meet?

Divine timing is actually when all the conditions align for “it” to happen.

Reaching that right timing means you go on with your inspired actions so you can be there as well since you are part of that divine timing too. Do not worry… there is no such things as bad timing because your life is yours with all it includes. You are work in progress. We are work in progress.

Divine timing does not mean you have no saying in it while pursuing a goal, a desire… a dream.

When you work on you dream, the more aligned with your inner guidance you are, the better conditions you allow to make it happen.

You always have the choice to follow or not an inspiration, always. It is up to you when you hear or feel it. And it is your free will to go on the way you prefer or think you should be going… whether you follow it out of fear or out of love.  You might face wonderful life lessons on your way and that is also…  divine timing… as it helps you work on yourself so you can reach your Authentic self and learn to connect with your highest self.

Following your own choices will help you grow and be who you are. It will open your awareness… whether you are stubborn or not. Do not worry, the Universe have fun or less fun ways of helping you learn a life lesson and trusting your intuition instead of your Ego. It will all depend of the state of your mind, of your awareness.

When you follow your inspired actions… you are setting all the conditions to make it happen.

When you follow your inspired actions, you are also co-creating the conditions.

The door will open effortlessly… when you will arrive to it… at the right time.

Nathalie 🙂



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