The hardest part is accepting to let go

Sometimes people let go of something, someone or a situation…but the emotions are still active in themselves, maybe different but still present and active…. So they thought they let go of whatever it is… but they did not completely.

Letting go can bring very heavy emotions and dealing with them is actually what makes the letting go completed.

I remember when I decided to let go on the exclusivity of some of my photos I cherish very much when I decided to sell them on a photography website. I was holding on dearly to them and used them for my own creations, either my website, my books, my quotes or my blogs. I am a DIY kind of lady. And yes, I do take a certain pride in a few of them as I am a photograph amateur, but I believe some look like taken by a professional and with a professional equipment and why not circulate the energy a little more… I just love to take photo. I took a lot with my Canon when it was working… but most of them are taken with my Smartphone wherever I go… I know how to wait for the right moment, and I know how to stay still for a long time to get the perfect image and also to take a lot to capture one that I will like more than the others. It keeps me in the present moment without negative thoughts.

So to fulfill this other dream of mine I have about selling some photos and maybe one day have my favorite ones in a photo gallery vernissage… it meant that I had to let go of holding on to them… a little or a lot.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation… of having to let go… to fulfill a dream? Have you ever experienced letting go of something but that something meant more than just the tangible object?

To me those photos are like my personal touch, my personal signature, my personal view on things… and it felt like I was giving a part of myself.

The energy of doing such a thing can become very heavy as you let go more than just a tangible thing, you let go of emotions and it makes you clarify what you desire and create some sort of planning but not, on how to get there.

I remember that day I had to go for a nap from feeling the heaviness in the room.

Letting go on more than tangible things might also create an awareness of what is important and what is not. In a way it comes shaking your core.

But… once you let go that way, you open the door to endless possibilities. You open the door to miracles to happen. You open the door to changes in yourself. You open the doors to pure manifestations.

Releasing also opens the door to effortless actions… like if you have taken the first step and the Universe comes in to walk with you.

The hardest part is accepting to let go.

Nathalie 🙂



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