Comments and perception

It is often said… it is about your personal perception… yet… many times you can hear someone who knows and heard that sentence still saying something about how they liked something better now than before, or how something looks better now than before… when in fact nothing has changed… except their own perception… not what they look at. But they do not seem to see it.

Have you ever experienced this?

I will use a recent experience that happened. I create quotes every day that I post on my Instagram account and that you see here a month or so later in an article.

The pictures I am using are the ones I took either recently or in the past years wherever I go and I have thousands of them waiting to be used… and then I co-create… letting inspiration matching what the picture can represent or I let myself be guided with a message to get out there… the same way I let my inspiration go with the choice of the picture I feel like today for what comes to mind. I simply follow inspirations.

On two separate occasions I received a beautiful and nice comment on how my pictures were getting better recently… and honestly, beside the fact that I am not sure about the authenticity of the comment, still… I feel like saying, very modestly, that the person who think this… is the one that is getting better and better every day as there are awesome pictures all over the account, so it is all about a personal perception (and taste)… the reader have.  I am happy to see that the person commenting is getting better through such a positive comment… but I do not wish to be misunderstood so I just say thank you.

Always. It is always a personal point of view related to how we are, how we feel and what we like and how the one that perceives it sees it.

Does it tell you now a little about how a person being mean and harsh and critical sadly feels?  You an apply the same thing here. I remember telling my children growing up that someone that was mean at school was a hurt child and needed kindness.

When you receive or give a comment, no matter the environment or the situation… remember this… it is all about the personal perception of the one commenting… and the one receiving. It might help you understand what could be going on emotionally with the person offering the comment… and it can also tell you a lot about what is going on emotionally if you are the receiver.

Does the perception come from an Ego place with negative feelings or pain or emotional distress or does it come from a kind, loving and positive place?

What you see is your own perception and the more you will be connected to your inner guidance, the better you will be able to demystify this perception concept.

Nathalie 🙂



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