Crazy ideas

Sometimes it is good to let go of the planning, let go of the desire of seeing something manifesting… and get busy instead with exploring new ideas… but only crazy ones. Yes crazy ones!

Getting creative with crazy ideas might become an amazing unexpected detour to get the result of what you were called to let go earlier.

Exploring other crazy ideas, and not the logic ones but the crazy other ones, is less painful and less worrisome. It opens yourself to some fun and some smile… which will be a real way of letting go. When you try to figure out something and you start exploring other ideas, you still have that first planning in the back of your mind that is searching for a better way or a way out… to get a certain result… so it is not really letting go.  It is just a way to control what is going on.

When you get busy with crazy ideas… and you let your imagination and new inspirations come in… your mind really let go of that previous planning… you allow your mind some pause and some fun and it might bring you new real ideas or some new steps to add to your planning. If not… it will have been a fun break from yourself.

This is you getting out of the way, of your own way.

Try it… not only it is fun and will ignite some passion or some creativity in your moment, but it will allow you some great connection with your inner self. Get at it like if it was a real planning you were working on. Follow your imagination.

Have fun!

Nathalie 🙂



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