Are you happy being you?

Home is the Authentic-self.

Answer honestly… are you happy being you?

Your Authentic self is that place where you reach harmony with your soul’s desire and you follow your inner voice… where you are in sync with your highest self.

To reach such a place, you will have to be happy with who you are. And guess what? You have to be… you have to be happy with who you are in the present moment and all that you are in your now. Most of your life is base on that when you think of it… when you understand that your world mirrors you.

When there is something you dislike about yourself and I am not talking about the physical you here, it is a beautiful change your inner self is showing you to work on.  The more you will improve yourself the more you get closer to your Authentic self.

And that better version of you is… Love… pure and simple.

When what you are, what you do is out of Love…all is fine… all is better… you are better.

That better is doing things out of Love. Love have different meaning and have many faces.

Being happy with yourself means Loving yourself. Do you do things from your heart or from your Ego mind?

Think about it and do not worry as you have a lifetime to learn to love yourself and be happy with yourself.

Nathalie 🙂



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