Releasing limitations step by step

Creating your own story is an endless process and is always work in progress.

When was the last time you sat down with yourself to see where were your limitations, the ones of the moment and not the old ones?

Take the time to look where the blockage seems to be and open those possibilities by first believing they are and by releasing those limitations. When you do not know how to do it, simply allow yourself to be open to do it and listen for signs.

Some limitations are released step by step so you might take a step today on something that you thought was already a done deal, but having blockage and limitations might mean there are some more to be released and that it is one of those step by step releasing situation.

Sometimes some limitations might have been released… and you end up with new limitations that, compare to the old ones, do not seem to be limitations … but are just new limitations you created… that will require some work in that step by step work of releasing them.

Letting go of limitations is an endless process as once you find your own limitations and start working on it, you might also find some that do not belong to you but are part of patterns you grew up with.

It is all about releasing limitations… step by step.

Nathalie 🙂



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