Respect your own desires

Have you ever noticed how often you do not respect your own desire? How many times have you desired something… to end up not really pursuing it… not really focusing on it to make it happen… even if you hear your inner guidance showing you the way?

Many times, it might even be done without you noticing it… as life goes on and you get busy doing all sorts of things.

Allowing your desires to take place is a way to show yourself some love and to show others that you love them too.

Do you allow yourself to be loving? Do you allow yourself to be the loving you that you are?

Do you respect your own desire of wanting to be true to yourself… with kindness?

Being true to yourself might require courage. It might also sometimes require you to be bold.

Respecting you own desire can appear selfish, or self-centered… when in fact it is not. You are simply acknowledging that you have desires and you are entitled to follow your guidance and your heart allowing yourself to be loving… with yourself.

You can let your imagination bring you closer to your dreams as crazy as they might be. When you do that, you ignite in you the power to make it happen. You also open yourself to receive some intuition and inspirations… where courage and confidence might be required.

Allowing yourself to be authentic is not always easy. It means following your own current… it also mean respecting yourself.

Nathalie 🙂



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