Break time

Do you tend to feel guilty when you allow yourself a break? Or do you judge a break should be a certain time and a certain length? Have you ever wondered why is that and where it is coming from?

Allowing pause and time to rest is as important as the work you do. It might seem well earned when you work hard and create an income… but it is not as well seen when you work hard, and no income is attached to it.

This is not about break time at work or at school but break time you allow yourself.

Whatever and whoever is behind the hard work being done, no matter what age… it is a common emotion to feel it must be earned in some ways… like if the hard work itself was not enough and sometimes needed to be justified… and if this “some ways” was only the one you decide it to be… or have been taught it should be.

Life is about balance, health is about balance, abundance is about balance. It is okay to allow yourself a break to enjoy your hard work… it is part of the balance.

It is okay to enjoy break time and it is okay to not feel guilt from doing it. Of course if you believe you must do something and you decide not to listen to your inner guidance, this is another story, but if you enjoy some time off and some me-time and some break time… enjoy it and accept it all the time is lasts.

When the guilt comes in telling you that you should be doing something else, ask yourself why and ask yourself where this pressure is coming from. Ask yourself what this “should” is hiding underneath and what needs to be healed… because this might be some old wounds not healed.

Guilt from “should” might create “you are not enough” and “you do not enough” false beliefs and is keeping you from your Authentic self.  

One way out of many to cut the momentum guilt could be repeating to yourself: “I am enough, I am.” and “I am doing enough, I am.” … until you start believing it yourself.  You did not get this belief overnight so it might be the same to start believing that you are enough and you are allowed to enjoy life as much as your hard work… even if that hard work seems not to be enough for some. It is all about personal perception… and everyone have their own issues and life lessons to be learned and mastered. Hard working people have this one in common… not feeling enough or not doing enough…if it does not bring back some exchange energy.

Allow yourself a break to enjoy your hard work. Be aware of your self-talk and allow yourself to enjoy life… including the break time no matter how long they are, they hold lessons and healing and wisdom.

The same people having a hard time enjoying break time might also have a difficult time meditating. One can help the other. Try it.

Nathalie 🙂



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