Like raindrops

Have you ever taken the time to look at the raindrops on a leaf after a rainy day?

Have you observed how they can stay still?

They seem to simply remain there like if they were fully enjoying the present moment and where they are.

Can you be like a raindrop and enjoy where you are… like a raindrop after a rainy day or even a stormy day? … Or do you try to figure out where to go and where to move?

Appreciating where you are will allow you to see the sun coming back and shining its light on you and will allow you to serve the purpose you serve where you are while you are there… just like the raindrops.

Appreciating where you are is allowing what will come next to take place as where you are is part of what comes next… therefore staying in the present moment just like the raindrop… is part of the plan.

The present moment has its lasting time, it is not forced to remain… it is constantly moving.

Learn to stay in the present moment like a raindrop after a rainy day… listen and observe and be… while you are being done, you also serve your purpose.

Enjoy the rain and enjoy the sun… enjoy the present moment.

Nathalie 🙂



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