Refresh button

Wherever you are, you are not at the same place as you were… so it is good to refresh the focus point button.

Things have moved forward and your mind need new memories on some old stories and some old similar experiences.

To refresh the focus button, you can look at the present situation with an observer point of view and… without any judgement… or negative emotions. This can allow you to tell a new story or to pick up the next chapter on an old story… just like you would with a book or a new episode of any television series.

That new perspective will be different than the one in the beginning and will be your new “start”.

With a new focus point, you can see the foundation that already is and you will be able to enjoy more that place where you are. It might allow you to co-create will all that you have instead of believing you lack of from your last focus point.

It will also help you to believe in yourself and trust the path you walk on.

Do no hesitate to refresh that focus button often… when your Ego bring you down the memory lane.

Nathalie 🙂



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