Your strength

You are stronger than you think.

Each life experience and each obstacle are strengthening you. Sometimes you might feel that you are falling apart…but when later something else will come, you will be able to see how you can face it differently and how strong you are.

Take a moment to observe this from past experiences to see how this applies and how you were facing a similar challenge with more knowledge and more strength later on.

Being stronger does not mean you can handle all and everything on your own… but it might mean that you can stand up when a storm pass.

Being strong might mean you are just not falling apart the same way or as much as a previous time.

Challenges, just like erosion on the beautiful coast, does not weaken you, it makes you beautiful and unique.

That same uniqueness is what is needed for you to face your life challenges with your inner guidance showing you signs or sending you some hope hints here and there… encouraging you to continue. Maybe strength seems to be the only thing holding you up in some occasions.

You might feel some changes in yourself going through life thinking that you are not as strong as you would like to be, or as you think you are when facing a situation… but look from a distance… you might see that you are being shaped.

Life is shaping you to make you unique and beautiful through experiences and challenges. And each one of them is making you stronger… is strengthening a part of you… some are visible, and some are not… might be physical… might be in your inner self… strengthening your connection with your Authentic self.

Erosion does not weaken you… it makes you beautiful and unique.

Nathalie 🙂



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