The magic of your wings

Do you believe in yourself? Do you have self-talk that you would never have with someone else?

It is not easy to stop nourishing the negative and yes it is important to be aware of such state as once you accept what is going on and the feelings you may have, it is a step allowing awareness and helping you to move on, to start working on what might need to be worked on, or start working on changes to make.

Once that is done… do you keep feeding those thoughts and those feelings or do you really allow your wings to open and carry you to better places?

Letting the magic of your wings to transport you effortlessly to your desire is work in progress and might be a long learning process.

It will require trust, faith, courage, wisdom and a lot of practice.

Most people grow up learning that effortlessly is not a positive thing and will get you nowhere… in fact…effortlessly means trusting the Universe to do its part. You do yours and the Universe does the rest.

When you open yourself to believe more in your own power and in your own value, you also learn to go for things you desire.

When you start co-creating with the Universe, you will start feeling magic in your wings that you never felt before and you will start trusting those wings more and more.

Let the magic of your wings transport you effortlessly to your desire.

Nathalie 🙂



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